Experience Matters

15+ years experience Recording, Mixing and Editing every style of music from Rock, Hip Hop, Heavy Metal and all varieties of Dance Music.
We can put the finishing touches on your professional or home studio recording and have you completely amazed by the results. Michael Wenz has had the opportunity to put the final touches on hundreds of records for artists and record labels across the globe with his Mastering and Arrangement Techniques. Formerly RedlineAudioMastering.com (Digital Mastering), WenzMastering is devoted to providing high quality analog and digital audio mastering at an affordable price.

Studio Services


If you want your songs to sound professional and modern, editing is a must. I have been editing audio and making critical arrangement decisions for over 16 years. I am able to take your individually exported tracks from your DAW and edit the them by cutting and time stretching to make your instrument or vocal parts sound as one. Having layers and different tones and choices allows your music to sound fuller and have a bigger dynamic impact on a listeners ears. I carefully remove unwanted sections / noise and breaths out of every track when editing. I lineup stereo guitar tracks so they sound as one and I can cut multiple drum takes into one perfect performance.


Every step of our mixing process has been carefully planned to take your audio the highest level possible by using best in the world A/D converters and analog hardware in our professionally treated room. All tracks can be summed and processed individually using top of the line analog compressors and equalizers. With nearly 20 years mixing experience we know exactly what you are looking for and the results will be astonishing or you pay nothing. We are not interested in making demos or questionable recordings. We only take on projects that are looking to be taken seriously and we will settle for nothing but better then radio quality.


We have two studios in the Milwaukee area. Our tracking facility is located in Downtown Milwaukee near the corner of Wisconsin and Broadway and is in close proximity to the Milwaukee Public Market. This studio can be booked for hourly projects or on a weekend or weekly lockout rate. All sessions and packages include a rough mix of each song when completed. Once your project has been recorded it is professionally Mixed and Mastered at our New Berlin location for an additional fee. Typically it takes up to 48 hours to get each song Mixed and Mastered to a professional level.


Ableton Live has become the number one tool for creating and performing groove based projects with the greatest of ease. Many electronic music and hip hop producers work primarily on this platform. Using Ableton since 2005 Michael Wenz is an Ableton Expert and can perfect your Ableton project. You can save your Ableton Live project with your samples and send it to us via WeTransfer.com. We have a long list of plugins to minimize plugin inconsistencies between the systems. If you want the best possible sounding Ableton project mixed on the best in the world analog hardware chain with one of the most experienced Ableton engineers in the world then you have come to the right place. I would dare to say this combination of gear and experience is nearly impossible to reproduce.


Most if not all modern drum mixes use some sort of Drum Trigger. This is very prominent in rock and hard rock music. Typically on a modern rock drum kit I would replace or blend your existing drum take with a multi part drum sample on the Kick, Snare and Toms. Having a 50/50 blend sometimes provides a crisp attack that is used to make the drum hits sound uniform and very powerful while keeping the original in the mix as well. Replacing or blending the drums gives the final mix the consistency to make your drum tracks sound sonically perfect and dynamic. We will take your studio recording drum tracks and get them perfectly edited and mixed for album quality results.

I can take your Logic Pro session and most of the time I can open it without any issues. I can usually demo the plugins I do not have. If I can not get your plugins working you will have to send me the audio tracks as they are. When exporting from Logic Pro X, export like this... NUMBERED FILES, 24 Bit, include volume and pan information. Please let me know ahead of time if you are using VariSpeed in your project.

We have expanded our video editing services for various venues and businesses in the last two years. We can accommodate any budget and project size. Getting your professional looking movie burned to DVD or Blu-ray could not be easier with the help of Michael. Bring us your footage and we will create something special for you. We can import and edit any digital camera footage you may have. We also can convert 8mm video as well as VCR tapes. We can generate your own custom 3D motion text as well as importing your logos and pictures. If you have music you would like to add to your video or if you have a music video Michael can line up the audio so it fits your video just right. Michael has a strong attention to detail and his years of audio experience go hand in hand with his video editing skill. The video editing projects at Give us a call and let me provide you with a quote in as little as 10mins.