Remastering the Drop Bass Network back catalogue

25 years ago The Furthur E.P. by Woody McBride was released on a Limited 7″ Vinyl pressing of 500 copies on the prestigious Techno label and collective known as The Drop Bass Network.

In the past few months the tedious process of re-recording the DAT’s from the mid to late 90’s had began thanks to Minneapolis’s Paul Birken (AKA Tone Wrecker!) I have had the honor to bring these recordings back to life and offer a true digital archive of these legendary dance records. Some of the recorded DAT’s had degraded over the course of time. I was able to repair the damage with some extreme audio ninja skills. When the repairing was completed I was able to re-balance the recordings to be suitable in a modern listening environment, yet still holding true to the archive.

I have been bugging DBN Godfather Kurt Eckes for many years to do this project and I always felt as if I was the chosen one to make it happen. I am so very thankful for the opportunity to work on these songs that played such a huge part of my life and all of our crew and beyond, THANK YOU!

This summer the Drop Bass Network and Intellephunk will be once again putting on the worlds finest underground electronic music festival Even Furthur : 2019 From Thursday August 8th- Monday August 12th. Tickets are available now at

Listen to the records and they will bring back sounds of nostalgic 90’s rave culture and raw warehouse vibes created way before EDM stars were even born! 🤘HARDCORE WILL NEVER DIE 🤘




Vinyl and Bass January 7