Michael Wenz

Recording and mixing bands during the day and producing techno music at night Michael Wenz started mixing and mastering in the early 2000's with author Troy Stetina. In 2004 Michael set out on his own and began Redline Audio Mastering, an online digital mastering service. Rebranded as WenzMastering in 2016, Michael has been perfecting the art of getting the perfect master on all streaming platforms, in your car and on the dance floor. I have a unique way of bringing music to life and I would like to share this with YOU! 

Each mix is played in real time and re-recorded at optimal volume. Delivery of final Masters includes:

• High Quality Preview, Payment upon Approval

•Downloadable 32bit Wav, 24bit Wav, 16bit Wav & Mp3 Versions

•Includes Three Revisions (Mixing and Mastering)




1I want you to Mix and Master my Ableton Live or Logic Pro Session!
If you are ready to send your session to me you can upload it immediately. I will get back to you with a reasonably priced quote and we can chat about the project and make sure everything is a go before I start. I suggest before sending your session to download my Free Exporting Guide that will walk you through the process. This will give me maximum control and will avoid having to send your session twice because of an accident. Check this out and send me your Ableton Live or Logic Pro X Project right now! DOWNLOAD MY FREE GUIDE FOR THE ULTIMATE CONTROL IN MIXING
2I need Mastering, what should I do?
If your song is ready to be mastered you can upload it to me immediately! After you send me your un-mastered song, I will master it for you (usually within 48 hours) and I will send you a link where you can preview the Mastered version on any device. This Free Preview allows you to hear your MASTERED and finished song without paying ANYTHING upfront. This works great if you want to listen in a studio on a computer or want to do the car test with the final Mastered Version from your smartphone. If you like what you hear and wish to download the final version you can make a payment using the same link! GET STARTED & UPLOAD NOW
3How can I prepare for an in person session?
Time is valuable and can become costly in any studio environment when the client is unprepared and unaware of how the recording process works. The best sessions are when the artist has had plenty of time to practice and comes in ready to give their best performance. Typically we will try to have your songs loaded and ready to record before you arrive to the studio. We tend to have a few min’s of getting the headphone mix and volumes to our liking be then are ready to go. We typically try to get at least two good takes of every performance. When doing vocals we often layer performances creating depth and unique spatial placement. Some vocals are done line by line or punched in as well. With recording Electric Guitars we almost always try to get two identical takes and pan each take hard left and hard right creating a powerful stereo image. Bass is typically mixed with one track and the bass is edited to play in the pocket with the drums. We try to do all the editing after tracking is done but from time to time we will make composite tracks while recording is in progress. Having practiced as much as possible and being prepared to record to a click track will save time and frustration when recording. Live Drums are always recorded to a click track that is played in the drummer’s headphones. This allows sections of the arrangement to be edited with ease. If you are coming to record in our studio please arrive on time as we bill hourly and exactly as time has been scheduled. We require a $100 deposit for all sessions. Files are released ONLY after being paid in full.
4What is Mastered for iTunes?
Mastered for iTunes was introduced in 2012 to standardize loudness and volume levels on commercial recordings and broadcasting. With the growing popularity of streaming and compressed audio files via music streaming services like Pandora, Spotify and Apple Music audio files that are often pushed to extreme loudness are slightly altered when they are streamed and played back through various converters and applications. This can result in distortion or undesirable results and often can produce lower sounding volume overall after the conversion takes place. When providing a client the final mastered versions of there project we always check to verify that the final version is not clipping the Apple AAC encoder and we have multiple limiting tools that we use in this process. Please provide 24 bit files for best results. To learn more about Mastered For iTunes check this link. www.apple.com/itunes/mastered-for-itunes
5Project Deposit For Studio Time
All projects must have some form of down payment before we begin. Using the BUY button for the $50.00 Deposit will get your project started right away. For studio time billing begins at the scheduled time and is billed in 15 min intervals, please arrive on time. I am lenient with time and depending on the time spent I will offer generous discount. If you really want to work with us and our price does not meet your budget please contact us and we will make every effort to work something out for you.
6Where are you located?
Lutz, LF. Approximately 20 mins north of Tampa