We are committed to getting you the best results possible using the highest quality Analog and Digital mixing and mastering equipment. Each and every project is carefully tested and compared to similar high end productions to ensure satisfaction. I am not interested in doing a quick & careless job as you may find with many digital mastering websites. I always take my time with every single song and mastering takes a few days to complete.  Send us an email or give us a call directly so we can provide you with a quote ASAP.


  • Kristopher Lee<br>★★★★★
    To anyone looking for that extra 'boom ' in their tracks, look no further than Redline Audio Mastering. I had a track that had been lacking that punchy sound, and Michael was able to quickly and cleanly bring all levels up to professional quality. Thank you, Michael for giving my track that 'Big Room ’ sound!
    Kristopher Lee
    Techno DJ
  • M o b  Zombie<br>★★★★★
    We ’ve been comin here for all our Mastering needs and have been very happy with the results! Thanks Michael, you do good work!
    M o b Zombie
    Trap and Dubstep Trio
  • Bruce Hasse<br>★★★★★
    We had just finished recording our 3rd CD and had soon after gotten a call to meet with the President of Universal Records and a rep for The Russell Simmons Group in NYC. It was very important to take some of our current recordings with us. I had a minimal amount of time and needed our stuff to sound GOOD. I took it to Michael Wenz to get mastered. When the Universal President put in her audio system to listen to I was SO HAPPY I went to Mike be-cause the sound was AMAZING and made us look good!
    Bruce Hasse
    Artist Management, Cincere
  • Roman Zawodny<br>★★★★★
    Fantastic mastering here! Mr. Wenz always delivers the highest quality mastering with special attention to detail. I recommend him 100%
    Roman Zawodny
    UKR Records CEO
  • A I m a m y<br>★★★★★
    Working with Michael Wenz has always been a great experience. His technical proficiency as a mastering engineer and his excellent taste as a record producer are second to none. I work(ed) with many mastering engineers on my projects, and for those of artists signed to my label, but for some reasons nobody make my records sound better than Michael Wenz. I trust him.
    A I m a m y
    Solo Recording artist
  • Dan Wooten<br>★★★★★
    Mike did a fantastic job on our last release. He brought our project to a higher level than we expected. He 's fast with turn around time and had a reasonable rate. He was willing to answer any questions and work with as to achieve the final so and we wanted. highly recommended! check out some of the tracks he did for no need to make a scene on our myspace
    Dan Wooten
    Vocalist 40oz Fist